Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet: A Flavorful Culinary Journey

In the vast world of dining experiences, few establishments offer the diverse and rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine quite like Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet. Originating from Houston, Texas, this restaurant chain has garnered a reputation for its delectable array of dishes inspired by the Mediterranean region. From savory grilled meats to fresh salads and tantalizing desserts, Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet promises an unforgettable culinary journey. In this article, we will explore the essence of Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet, its culinary offerings, and the unique dining experience it offers to patrons.

  1. A Glimpse into Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet’s Origins:

Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet was founded by two Lebanese brothers, Anton and Elias Dimassi, who were inspired by their mother’s traditional recipes and the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean region. Their dream was to introduce the authentic flavors of their homeland to the United States, and thus, the first Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet opened its doors in Houston in 1992. Since then, the restaurant chain has expanded to several locations across Texas and beyond, captivating diners with its exquisite flavors and warm hospitality.

  1. Mediterranean Cuisine: A Fusion of Flavors:

At the heart of Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet lies the essence of Mediterranean cuisine – a fusion of flavors and ingredients from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Drawing inspiration from Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Italian, and other Mediterranean culinary traditions, the buffet showcases an impressive range of dishes that appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes.

a. Appetizers: Guests are welcomed with an assortment of appetizers, including creamy hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves, and freshly baked pita bread. These flavorful starters set the stage for the gastronomic journey that awaits.

b. Salads and Mezze: The buffet features a vibrant selection of salads, such as fattoush, Greek salad, and traditional tabbouleh, bursting with the freshness of crisp vegetables and aromatic herbs. Alongside the salads are mezze options like falafel, kibbeh, and spinach pies, each offering a delightful burst of flavors.

c. Grilled Meats and Seafood: One of the highlights of Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet is its grilled meats and seafood. From succulent shish kebabs and marinated lamb chops to juicy chicken, guests can savor the essence of the Mediterranean with each tender bite.

d. Vegetarian Delights: For those seeking plant-based options, Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet has an impressive array of vegetarian dishes, such as eggplant moussaka, lentil soup, and stuffed bell peppers, catering to diverse dietary preferences.

e. Savory Rice and Side Dishes: Accompanying the main dishes are fragrant rice, sautéed vegetables, and other delectable side dishes that complement the meal perfectly.

f. Desserts: No Mediterranean feast is complete without a sweet ending, and Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet delivers with an assortment of delectable desserts, including baklava, rice pudding, and honey-drenched pastries.

  1. Culinary Excellence and Authenticity:

One of the pillars of Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet’s success is its commitment to culinary excellence and authenticity. The restaurant takes pride in using high-quality, fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to preserve the genuine flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs at Dimassi meticulously recreate the recipes passed down through generations, ensuring an experience that reflects the true essence of the Mediterranean region.

  1. Warm Hospitality and Inviting Ambiance:

Beyond the delectable cuisine, Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet is known for its warm and inviting ambiance. The restaurant’s interior reflects the vibrant colors and rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, creating an atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome and comfortable. The attentive and friendly staff further enhance the dining experience, making every visit a memorable one.

  1. Embracing Health and Well-being:

In addition to its delightful flavors, Mediterranean cuisine is also celebrated for its health benefits. The use of olive oil, fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains contributes to a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet embraces this philosophy, making it a preferred dining option for health-conscious individuals.

  1. Community and Family-Centric Approach:

The spirit of community and family lies at the core of Mediterranean culture, and Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet extends this approach to its patrons. Families, friends, and colleagues often gather at the buffet to share a communal dining experience, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

  1. Expansion and Growing Popularity:

Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet’s dedication to authenticity and delicious cuisine has led to its growing popularity, resulting in the expansion of its locations across Texas and beyond. As the chain continues to delight guests with its exceptional dining experience, its influence on Mediterranean cuisine in the United States continues to expand.


Dimassi Mediterranean Buffet offers a culinary journey like no other, transporting diners to the enchanting Mediterranean region with each bite. Through a harmonious blend of flavors, authentic recipes, and warm hospitality, the buffet captures the very essence of Mediterranean culture. As this restaurant chain continues to share the magic of Mediterranean cuisine, it leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and taste buds of those who seek an unforgettable dining experience

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