Best Sites To Watch Filipino Movies and Series 2024


The entertainment industry has been developing quickly, and how we consume media has changed significantly over time. Online streaming services are becoming a popular choice for many people looking to view their favorite films and TV shows thanks to the growth of digital platforms. Finding trustworthy sources to stream local movies and series has sometimes been difficult for Filipino content aficionados. However, as of 2024, there are various platforms that satiate this desire, providing viewers from all over the world with a vast choice of Filipino material. The top websites to watch Filipino movies and television shows in 2024 will be examined in this article along with a discussion of their features, services, and user interfaces.

1. iWantTFC

iWantTFC is one of the most popular streaming platforms for Filipino movies and series. This portal, which is supported by ABS-CBN, offers a huge selection of content, including the most recent blockbusters, time-honored favorites, and original programs. iWantTFC offers both free and premium subscription choices, has easy navigation, and a wide selection of genres. By doing this, consumers are guaranteed a flawless streaming experience that is personalized for them.

2. Netflix

Netflix, a major player in the worldwide streaming market, also boasts a sizable collection of Filipino material. Netflix has made an attempt to incorporate a wide variety of movies and TV shows from all around the world, including the Philippines, as the demand for foreign content grows. Subscribers can access both well-liked and highly regarded Filipino films and television shows, which adds to the platform’s popularity on a global scale.


HOOQ, a platform owned by Globe Telecom, specializes in Asian content, making it a hub for Filipino movies and series. The platform offers a mix of local classics and contemporary releases, making it an attractive option for viewers seeking authentic Filipino entertainment. HOOQ’s interface is user-friendly and features personalized recommendations based on viewing history.

4. Viu

Viu is another platform that has gained popularity among fans of Asian content. With a strong focus on K-dramas and Asian series, Viu also includes a selection of Filipino TV shows and movies. The platform offers both free and premium tiers, providing options for users with different preferences and budgets.

5. iflix

iflix has been a prominent player in the Southeast Asian streaming market, offering a variety of content including Filipino movies and series. This platform caters to a younger audience and provides a mix of regional and international shows. iflix’s offline viewing feature has been particularly well-received among users with limited internet access.

6. YouTube

YouTube has become a hub for content creators and filmmakers, and many Filipino movies and series are available on the platform through official channels and independent uploads. While the content available might vary in terms of quality and legality, YouTube remains a convenient option for viewers who want to access specific Filipino content.

7. Kumu

Kumu is a unique platform that blends social networking and entertainment. It allows users to watch live streams of Filipino content creators, including those who produce movies and series. This interactive approach enables viewers to engage with creators and fellow fans, creating a sense of community around Filipino entertainment.


The landscape of online streaming has opened up new avenues for Filipino content to reach a global audience. In 2024, there are several platforms that cater specifically to the demand for Filipino movies and series, offering a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of classic films, contemporary releases, or original series, these platforms provide convenient access to the rich tapestry of Filipino entertainment. Watching Filipino movies and series has never been simpler or more fun thanks to user-friendly interfaces, tailored suggestions, and a range of subscription choices. These platforms will probably play a bigger role in determining how Filipinos consume entertainment in the future as technology develops.

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