All About Notti Osama Tragedy of Death

Notti Osama was a name that was just starting to catch on in the rap scene until it disappeared. Who was Notti Osama, and what horrifying event caused his voice to be permanently silenced?

Let’s dive straight into the facts so we can provide you all the information on him.

Who Is Notti Osama and Where Is He Now? 

The 14-year-old rapper chose Notti Osama as his stage name to use in the rapper community, as strange as the moniker may sound. His true name was Ethan Reyes, and he was 14 years old. Drill rapping was his love growing up. As the moniker suggests, one might initially picture a racialized and adult rapper; nevertheless, he was only a young child who knew that his sphere of passion wasn’t daily school life like other children his age.

However, Notti Osama met a horrible end because drill rapping is an unsafe activity. To get attention, the young rapper decided to use rough rapping, attacking other rappers and using profane language. Given his young age, Notti Osama was the youngest of his siblings and was given the freedom to pursue his dreams after his older brother, DD Osama, who uses a similar rap name, reportedly posted a tribute to Notti Osama on his personal social media accounts.

You might now be wondering how any family member can honor a living person. That’s really the crux of the matter because on July 9, 2022, the young drill rapper was killed in a vicious fight with a rival drill rapper, also 15 years old. Both drill rappers were acting in self-defense during the fight, which took place in the Manhattan Subway Station.

How Did Notti Osama Die?

What Meant Notti Osama You are still debating, as we mentioned above, whether the 14-year-old died accidentally or as a result of murder. To learn the outcome of what transpired on the tragic day of Notti Osama’s death, read the entire details of the incident that took place.

Notti Osama and his buddies were out and about in Manhattan when they spotted Martinez, a 15-year-old competitor drill rapper who was also there. Following in his wrath, Osama and his two other buddies began to pursue the opposing rapper. In the frenzy of the moment, Notti Osama also picked up a broomstick with a clear determination to fight Martinez that day.

From Hamilton Heights to the subway station, there was a normal street brawl that ended with Notti Osama and his friends cornering the lone Martinez.

Notti Osama saw his opportunity to strike the other 15-year-old adversary and did so because he was carrying a broomstick. Martinez was not unarmed during this incident, as Notti Osama and his friends thought. When Osama assaulted him, he pulled out his knife, retaliated by stabbing Notti Osama in the abdomen. Osama couldn’t take the blow from the knife piercing a delicate area of his body as a result of the surprise attack in return, and soon enough he passed out from significant bleeding.

According to reports, the incident happened at 3 p.m. Police arrived at the scene of the event that day, but the harm had already been done. Young drill musician Notti Osama was transported by the police to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, but it was in vain because Osama had already bled excessively and had away before receiving medical attention.

What Reaction Did Notti Osama’s Family Have?

Due to this terrible tragedy, the unusual fight’s CCTV film was removed so that the investigators could determine how it turned violent and identify the true perpetrator of Notti Osama’s death. As the police and detectives initially focused on the CCTV evidence, they charged Martinez, a 15-year-old rival, with second-degree murder. Nevertheless, more research led to the conclusion that the adversary had been defending himself with the knife. The video made it abundantly evident that Martinez, who was by herself in the same vicinity as Notti Osama, was the first to be attacked.

Notti Osama’s malign intentions were fairly obvious in the video and by the backgrounds of both rivals, as Osama and Martinez were both members of opposing competitor groups and naturally had enmity between them. This was according to the Manhattan Attorney’s Office in the district. Martinez, the assailant, acted in self-defense following Notti Osama and his companions’ chase and broom attack, therefore the authorities still found him to be innocent. Despite their competition, Notti Osama’s terrible demise was owing to his profound habit of adopting a street-style drill rapping, which the NYPD investigations assisted to unravel.

Kevin Ventura, a relative of Notti Osama, said of him, “He just got caught up in the street life type sh*t. He just so happened to follow a musical path that leads to the transformation of art into violence. He would have been a pop singer or pursued any other form of art or music, and he would have achieved great success. It just so happens that the musical genre he selected ended up encouraging violence.

As he was being stabbed, Notti Osama’s older brother, DD Osama, reportedly posted on the website, expressing his regret for not being there to protect his younger, still-developing brother.

Final Word

However, to his family, he was a gifted artist who had a passion for succeeding in the rapping world, hence the name Notti Osama. Notti Osama died while doing what he loved, drill rapping. But at an early age, he engaged in unneeded and risky relationships, which unfortunately led to his death.

We believe that the information above covers every aspect of what occurred to Notti Osama!

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